Great Divide Brewing IMC Campaign

This was a group project in which my teammate and I chose a local company for which to write an Integrated Marketing Campaign. We chose Great Divide Brewing, a brewery located in downtown Denver. We met with a company representative who gave us some great background information on the company, we researched the company’s competitors […]

The Follow-Up

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I’ve gotten a lot of great responses on my posts about carousels and hamburgers. Many of you have become experts at spotting these design patterns in the wild, and have pointed out some excellent examples. But I want to make sure that the subtleties of these messages are not getting lost, so to clarify a […]

Jumping off the Carousel

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In my last post, I wrote about the hamburger menu and how recent usability testing both in our office and by other user experience (UX) teams have discovered it’s not quite ready for primetime. Like the hamburger menu, carousels (we often call them rotators or sliders, not to be confused with a static hero image) […]

The Truth About the Hamburger

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I attended the UX Mobile Immersion conference April 7–9, and the two topics that the speakers loved to hate on most were the “hamburger” icon and carousels. I’ll share a bit of what I learned about the hamburger icon here, and about the carousel in a later post. What is the hamburger icon? The hamburger […]

All About QR Codes

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I wrote this white paper for the NREL Communications and Public Affairs Office. It explains what QR codes are and provides guidelines and best practices for their use. At the time of this writing, QR codes were just starting to be used in our office and I wanted to encourage responsible usage. Please note that this includes process specific to our office. […]

Integrated Marketing Communications Observation: Best Buy

I chose to do a marketing communications observation on Best Buy. The observation project was basically a small-scale audit for which I collected as many examples of marketing communications as I could find. These included commercials, print ads, website screenshots, photos of store interiors, and more. I analyzed other customer touch-points for the brand, such […]

Brand Plan: Google

I chose to write my brand plan on Google. This massive undertaking began with a considerable amount of research on Google and on its past and present marketing and branding activities. The development of my brand plan came after analyzing these activities and identifying strengths and weaknesses. With an eye towards keeping my recommendations in […]

Mountain Vines Marketing Plan

The assignment was to write a marketing plan for a business in which the internet would play a major role in marketing. My partner and I created “Mountain Vines”, a fictional Colorado organic winery. We conducted a great deal of background research on the wine industry both nationally and in Colorado, learned about distribution laws […]


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As a leader in design thinking, I am often called upon (or take it upon myself) to explain concepts or create guidelines for the Communications Office at NREL. Below is a selection of things I have written in this capacity. These writings are often presented to management or used as references for the office as a whole. Favicons – written […]

Standard Work Specifications Tool

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The Standard Work Specifications tool is an industry guide for workers, training instructors, homeowners, and program administrators involved in the home performance industry. It provides online access to industry-approved work specifications that define acceptable outcomes for weatherization and home energy upgrades. Project Duration Phase 1 of the project took place between June 2012 and December […]