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As a leader in design thinking, I am often called upon (or take it upon myself) to explain concepts or create guidelines for the Communications Office at NREL. Below is a selection of things I have written in this capacity. These writings are often presented to management or used as references for the office as a whole.

  • Favicons – written to explain the concept of favicons and why we needed to have one to non-tech savvy decision-makers
  • Icons vs. Logos – written to delineate these two concepts, again intended for non-tech savvy decision-makers
  • QR Codes – researched and written to provide guidelines for our office
  • myBalsamiq Pilot Study – I conducted a pilot study for our office’s adoption of this new tool
  • Mega Menus Visual Design Best Practices – part of a larger white paper written by several members of our User Centered Design team, my portion focuses on visual design
  • NREL.gov Graphic Standards – this document outlines the detailed standards of the template for our main website, intended for the design team
  • Web Guidelines – similar to the NREL.gov standards, this document outlines the template for several other websites we handled