Mountain Vines Marketing Plan

The assignment was to write a marketing plan for a business in which the internet would play a major role in marketing. My partner and I created “Mountain Vines”, a fictional Colorado organic winery. We conducted a great deal of background research on the wine industry both nationally and in Colorado, learned about distribution laws and the three-tier system, and found a some great information on wine marketing and customer segmentation. The internet played a major role in our business because it was a startup just commencing its second year of operations. Online advertising and the creation of a website were ways in which we intended to use the internet to market our wines. We were also required to draw up the prototype homepage of a potential website, but being a web designer, I felt I had to go a little further and actually code it (just the homepage, no working links).

Project: Mountain Vines Marketing Plan (pdf of report)
Participants: Two person group project
Class: Marketing on the Internet
Contribution: Co-researching, co-authoring, design, and layout
Date: Summer 2007