Great Divide Brewing IMC Campaign

This was a group project in which my teammate and I chose a local company for which to write an Integrated Marketing Campaign. We chose Great Divide Brewing, a brewery located in downtown Denver. We met with a company representative who gave us some great background information on the company, we researched the company’s competitors and the craft beer industry, and we wrote a campaign that incorporated some of the company’s actual future plans and budget to create a cohesive, targeted, and realistic plan. The plan includes objectives, a message and message tactics, evaluation, budget, and implementation. The course culminated in a presentation to our professor and a Great Divide representative and was well-received by both. Below are the slides we showed during our presentation.

Project: Great Divide IMC Campaign (pdf of report)
Participants: Two-person group project
Class: IMC Campaign (Capstone)
Contribution: Co-researching, co-authoring, design, and creation of final product
Date: Spring 2008